Our Approach

Development Management starts early with planning, programming, budgeting, scheduling and building the conceptual project and entire team for success. Upon securing financing, insurances, and contractual commitments to enable a commencement to completion and turnover to operations, we build led the team, processes, and controls to pre-establish entire stakeholder group desired outcomes.

Moving each project or program forward with a clear vision, program plan, land entitlement, and capital partners that understand the project risks and rewards is essential. Our goal is to help build each team member based on their experience and contribution to the whole along with a shared vision and understanding of their roles and project needs.

Together, we operate with a single shared purpose, vision, and collective success plan ready to commit to the project. Secure fair and complete pricing with defined scopes, expectations, and timelines to be delivered in a professional manner to meet project needs and cash flows. Further, ensure good communication channels are maintained


What We Offer

Utilizing the best in the Industry to grow business and deliver excellent services.

Front-End Program and Highest & Best-use planning

Design & Pre-Construction Management

Construction and Development Management

Real Estate Development & Planning

Expert Witness and Claim Consulting

Project Accounting and Proforma Management

Executive Management and Company Consultancy

Team, Organization, Leadership, and Culture Development

Mergers & Acquisitions, Due Diligence, and Integration Planning

Construction Claims, Disputes and Lawsuit

Industry Standards/Standard of Care

Owner’s Representation, Advocate and Alliance

Risk Management, Mitigation and Performance Metrics

Strategy & Plan Development, Execution & Results Monitoring

Project and Program Management

Expert Witness & Claim Consulting

Need Help with Your Claim?

Pennington Construction Advisors Inc, has a specialized and experienced claims group within company that focuses on claims consulting work, including expert witness testimony and claim assessment and strategy support development by its’ Founder and CEO, Todd Pennington.

Our Local Market Commitment

Expanding since our inception in Los Angeles/San Diego, we extended into Miami, Texas, and Colorado as well as Northern California up through 2016. Today, we remain focused on the Greater Southern California Market as our top priority, yet we have affiliate alliance resources across the country and have a national program across 12 states in planning.

Pennco Property Development Managment Services

Our Reach

We have aligned our firm with strategic Development and Construction Management Alliance Partners from past relationships and experience over the last 36 years across the US to deliver remote projects and services jointly. Specific Alliance locations include Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, New York/New Jersey, Seattle, Dallas, San Antonio, Denver/Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, Southern and all Northern California markets.